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Construction - building materials, hardware, garden supplies, and mobile homes
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Wind Power
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In recent years, the proliferation of wind power has been driven by federal and state legislation, technological advancements and the continuing push for a clean energy economy. According to the American Wind Energy Association, the total wind power capacity now operating in the United States is...
Group: Carminatives
Solar Thermal
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Solar thermal energy, which involves the heating of water through solar collectors, can be used to supplement the energy efficiency of a building’s existing HVAC system, or as part of a new hybrid geothermal/solar system. Separate from Ameresco’s capabilities in photovoltaics, which convert solar...
Group: Solar energy equipment
Photovoltaic Systems
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Photovoltaic systems, often referred to as solar electric systems, have never been more cost-effective to install, thanks in large part to efficiency enhancements that allow for more flexible placement and U.S. government tax incentives. Lower solar energy costs have removed the barrier that has...
Group: Modules solar photo-electric
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An underutilized resource, geothermal systems provide a cost-effective, consistent and sustainable source of energy. Drawing from the 50° to 60° Fahrenheit temperatures found below the earth’s surface, geothermal heating systems can provide a building’s heat, cooling and hot water, while consuming...
Group: Equipment for geothermal power engineering
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Methane from biogas, a natural byproduct of sewage treatment, landfill and animal-waste facilities, is a ready source of renewable energy. Rather than burning this gas, which consumes energy and increases local emissions, commercial and government facilities can use this biogas as a form of energy...
Group: Plants for the production of biogas


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